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Professional Fee Finance

Professional Fee Finance

Enhanced cash flow for you, flexibility for your clients

Keys Finance provide Accountants and Solicitors with the quickest and most efficient form of Fee Plan Finance.

What is Professional Fee Finance?

Professional Fee Finance is an effective method to allow Accountants and Solicitors to collect their invoiced fees in full, while offering clients a flexible monthly repayment option. By utilising our Fee Finance solution, you will release valuable cash tied up in unpaid invoices to improve your practice liquidity – an attractive funding alternative to a bank overdraft.

You can use the facility to fund work completed, work with agreed invoice values, project work and for aged debts. You will receive 100% of the invoice value within 5–days, creating a significantly improved cash–flow position for your own Practice.

How you benefit

o    Payment of all your fees within 5–days (quicker payments are available)

o    Improve vital cash flow in the business 

o    Enables better business planning 

o    On hand solution at point of invoicing client

o    Enhanced credit control; reduced administration

o    Improved client payment behaviour


How your clients benefit

·        Extended credit terms help to spread the cost

·        Better use of Capital Employed

·        Straightforward paperwork

·        Flexibility – payment options up to 10–months

To find out more about a Professional Fee Finance facility that is right for you, please contact us at or call 028 9066 0791.

 • For all sales enquiries in Scotland and Northern Region of England please contact Craig Leathley at the email address below or directly on 07826 686768.

• For all sales enquiries in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland please contact Gail Cross at the email address below or directly on 07989 572915.

• For all sales enquiries in Midlands, Southern Region of England and Wales please contact Pete Kouset at the email address below or directly on 07484 768862.