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Insurance Premium Finance

Insurance Premium Finance

Every broker is different. So why opt for the norm?

We specialise in the provision of commercial premium finance and our team of funding experts will deliver an exceptional level of first class service with personality. Please pick up the phone and talk to us!

Why Keys Premium Finance? 

·        Quick and immediate access to our team of Premium Finance experts

·        We do not operate in a call centre environment 

·        Hold personal dialogue with us

·        Bespoke rates designed for your business

·        Efficient release of insurance premiums and commissions

·        Fair and equitable costs for all – low default and administration charges

                 o   No arrangement fees 

                 o   No charges for non–return of credit agreements

                 o   No cancellation charges

·        No minimum commitment levels imposed

·        In–house credit underwriting decisions

To find out more about an insurance premium finance facility that is right for you, please contact us at or call 028 9066 0791.

• For all sales enquiries in Scotland, England and Wales please contact Craig Leathley at the email address below or directly on 07826 686768.

• For all sales enquiries in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland please contact Gail Cross at the email address below or directly on 07989 572915.